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Marketing the right way.

Create a mass movement of people who want and are willing to pay for
your offer and the new opportunity you provide.

Marketing strategists agree that there are different waters for swimming in as a business. If your business is in a blue ocean, you are in water with little competition. You have a new product or have discovered a new market and you call the shots, set the price, and are “well fed.”  If you’re in a red ocean, the water is full of competition where many are after a limited resource and most go hungry.

Ideally, your business needs to play in light blue or purple oceans. If you’re in water that is too blue, it means that the new opportunity you have to offer is so “out there” that people won’t see the need for it. They won’t know that they should be super excited to get it… so the dilemma is like that of Henry Ford coming up with the first car. People didn’t know that they needed a car; they were after faster horses. If the water is too red, it’s too bloody and the competition is fierce. All opportunities in a red ocean are price driven. Only the business that can offer the lowest price wins. For all others, it’s a race to the bottom.

Our proven process produces results!


We discuss your business and to see if our services are right for you. If all is “go,” the we conduct a Business Intensive and establish the strategy and design of your marketing and sales campaigns.


After we complete the Business Intensive, if you decide to move forward, we start making the landing page, designing your autoresponding email, and planning ads.


Once the ads and the landing page are ready, the real fun begins. Results are just around the corner!


Once we launch the ads, we closely monitor their success to ensure that you are getting the best possible results.


Every week we will send you a report with a breakdown of the week’s efforts along with advice on how to optimize, split test, and move forward more effectively.

Business Intensive


The Business Intensive consists of three parts: (1) pre-work and ABEM Team “Homework” phase, (2) the live Business Intensive video call, and (3) the reporting.

At the end of this “deep dive,” you’ll have a workable plan that: (a) ABEM can use to execute the solutions for you, (b) you can give to someone else to craft and run, or (c) you can use to execute the plan yourself if you have the time.

Pre-Work and Homework

When you sign up for the Intensive, you will receive a “Pre-Work Questionnaire,” which should take less than 30 minutes or so to complete. While it’s not mandatory, it would help greatly for us to have your answers a day or two prior to the call.

For our “Homework,” we’ll dig into your business on our own time, looking at:

  1. The big picture of your core market and submarket
  2. Your direct competitors
  3. What is working for your competitors
  4. What is already set up and working for your business—existing funnel(s), sales pages, offers, social media, email marketing, etc.
  5. Services you have or want to provide (your “value ladder” goes here)

This first phase will take approximately 3-5 business days for us to complete.

The Live Business Intensive

We get on a Zoom call with you for up to 2 (two) hours. The call is recorded and you get a copy.

During the call, we take all of your business insight and all of the research results from the ABEM Team’s homework, and we talk and hash out and create a complete strategic roadmap for the next six to nine months.

At the end of this “deep dive,” you’ll have a workable plan that: (a) ABEM can use to execute the solutions for you, (b) you can give to someone else to craft and run, or (c) you can use to execute the plan yourself if you have the time.  

The Business Intensive Report

Your Business Intensive Report is ready 5-7 business days after the Zoom call, and outlines in great detail:

  1. The business insight and research findings we discussed during the call
  2. The strategic plan we created during the call
  3. Social media (Facebook) and email marketing campaigns as well as social media management and advertising split tests and optimization that the ABEM Team recommends for your business
  4. Our suggestions for funnels, ads, email marketing strategies, and social media marketing

Following the Business Intensive, if you decide to work with the ABEM Team, we’ll have these results to craft a proposal for you that’s laser-targeted. This eliminates “scope creep” and excessive revisions and the “unknowns” that make people nervous about proposals and contracts.

Starts at $4997 (Contact us to check availability)

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Our 3 Advertising Campaign Options

Facebook/IG Ads

Campaigns are designed to reach, to engage, and to sell to Facebook’s millions of active users. We optimize and test ads using split-testing towards different target audiences, then track and retarget using the power of Facebook Pixel.

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Google Ads

From smart keyword planning to advanced Ad Extensions incorporation, Google Ad “pay-per-click” campaigns get results. Relevant and targeted ads increase search engine visibility, consistently capture clicks from meaningful traffic.

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Youtube Ads

We turn viewers into customers with engaging video ads that inspire or inform, and foster a good relationship between the brand and the viewer. We target using Google Match, and track conversions to optimize and scale.

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Individual Marketing 360 Contract Options

12-month contract

Social Media Management

Support for the platforms you use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest).

Posts to your page include:

  • Customized images
  • Branded images
  • Engaging images
  • Blog/vlog links
  • Links to point of sale if applicable
  • Application maintenance

7-10 posts per week will keep your growing fan base fully engaged with the exact voice your brand calls for. Included in this are your community management, engagement, and moderating comments/customer service. If videos are required, then correct implementation of these videos is essential so as to create a consistently professional yet engaging brand voice.

We suggest an initial 12-month contract in order to kick-start your presence, as Social Media Marketing is a long-term strategy. All Social Media Management contracts require a social media strategy and social media market analysis.

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Advertising Campaign Management

Ongoing support with your advertising includes:

  • Facebook, Google AdWords, and YouTube options
  • Initial testing for 48 hours
  • Analysis of results and suggestions for ads to leave on/turn off
  • Monitoring ads for 30 days with weekly updates to clients
  • Minor tweaks to optimize

We ensure that campaigns are returning on the monetary investment.

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