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What makes you pick up a book and start reading?

Have you ever woken from sleep with your head on the book your were trying to read? Or have you ever bought a book because someone recommended it, but you see it sitting on the table weeks after you brought it home?

Neither way helps you acquire the knowledge that’s in the book… this tends to happen if the content isn’t relevant. Right?

By now, Russell Brunson has sold and given away thousands of his books DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets. Most of the folks who’ve bought the books were excited to crack the code, to find the secrets that will make their businesses succeed. But how many of the thousands who’ve gotten the books have read them?

And, a more important question is how many of those who have read the books have implemented the strategies Russell shares? Based on decades of work as an educator, I would bet at most 20-30%… and that would be generous.

Clearly, Russell knows marketing! His insight and step-by-step guidance take the reader through all that she/he needs to know and to do to have a successful online business.

But putting these recommendations into action requires doing it.

Having read both books at least twice by now, I know that the meat and potatoes of Russell’s approach has to do with finding your story and then sharing it. Once you have your story, you have your WHY. Once you have your WHY, you can then get to the WHAT and the HOW of your work.

Once you have these elements together, you can identify your ideal client… and tailor your offers. Once you know who your ideal client is, you can effectively help her/him find you.

And that’s the beauty of digital marketing today, right? With Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, you can target your ideal client.

But you have to find your story first.

So join us on the journey of WHY discovery. You can Do-It-With-Us in our online training. Transform your web presence to business profit.

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