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“The best of the best—certified consultants go through a rigorous training and certification process and can lend their world-class expertise in growing your business.”

— ClickFunnels Marketplace Endorsement

On 26 September 2016, I started the ClickFunnels Certified Partner program, and this was one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my digital marketing career. As a ClickFunnels Certified Partner, I am by definition a ClickFunnels Expert… but what does that mean?

It is no secret that ClickFunnels is a brilliant software platform for constructing a funnel. Not only does it allow you to create funnels with an incredible range of features, it is also a one-stop tool to manage email communications and affiliate marketing—all in one place. ClickFunnels is a dream platform if you want to expand your business. So for someone to be a ClickFunnels expert, it means she or he has knowledge and skills to work with all aspects of the “Etison Suite”—ClickFunnels (which is the sales funnel building component), Actionetics (for communication, sometimes called email marketing though in Actionetics this expands to social media marketing, too), and Backpack (the affiliate software).

I went through the 12 week ClickFunnels intensive training. I learned how to build and to hack funnels. I learned how to use and to integrate sales funnels with Actionetics and Backpack. And I ended up with a treasure trove of expertise from the training and coaching provided by the ClickFunnels Certified Partner team. And since becoming a CFCP, I’ve gained the experience of working with clients to get them the results they’re after.

Funnels are effective. But a funnel with no hook, story, or offer is not a solution.

As a ClickFunnels Expert I can say that having a subscription to ClickFunnels and the ability to build a funnel does NOT bring success. A funnel is a funnel is a funnel. A funnel is a tool. If you want your sales funnel to be a success and get the results you want, you will still need careful planning and effort. And let’s face it, not everyone who has a ClickFunnels subscription can create a funnel that gets results. And not every funnel makes the cut.

Looking back over the past year’s work with clients and “expectation management,” I believe that the most frustrating thing for them and for me is this: if you don’t have a product or service to put into a great offer, a funnel is irrelevant. I know this happens: someone sees Russell Brunson present and is wooed by the incredible brilliance of ClickFunnels. She’s enchanted by what funnels have done for others, and she miss this most essential fact.

When someone reaches out to me and the ABEM Digital Creations team with the request to “build me a funnel,” this is just the beginning of the conversation. It’s my commitment as a ClickFunnels expert to build funnels that get results… And this requires working with a client on DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets fundamentals—knowing the ideal client and having the perfect offer and hook and story.

When looking for help from a ClickFunnels Expert, be aware that experts come in all shapes and sizes… and each has her or his exceptional “superpower.” Flying at the 30,000’ level, are the ones who create funnel-based, actionable, strategic plans backed by market research. Then there are those who know how to find your business’s culture and develop the perfect, Ideal Customers and craft amazing Offers. Some are design magicians, others write engaging and converting copy. There are technical wizards behind the curtain, as well as those who “see” and move the systems that integrate with funnels.

Anyone working with ABEM Digital Creations has access to our “Voltron team” of ClickFunnels Experts, each bringing her/his superpower to not only build funnels, but to build funnels that bring the results you want.

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